Wednesday, July 23, 2008

SFX #3.

Here's pics from SFX#3 group.  
As you can see the house 309 is looking more and more like a house.  Currently the driveway is done and shed in pack have been poured.  The right side siding is all done and is painted now.  Working on finished the left side and back and front siding.  It's coming along greatly.  Now if we can only get the plumber out to finish his thing then we can get going on the inside and insulation and then the drywall inside.  Wow, it's been 5 and a half weeks, that's awesome, I tell ya.  This house is moving along and the groups have all been amazing this summer.  

Janie A.K.A. "JAN"  

"bobis"  ended each work day with "It's Miller Time"

St. Francis #2.

From close to my hometown, St. Francis Xavier has been coming down for years.  It's awesome to have some hometown groups.  Last year they brought three groups and they were my only summer groups.  This year, they came/are coming with 4 groups!!  Yes it's become so popular, word of mouth from the parish that four groups are coming down.  Here's a few from the enjoyable week two.  

Updates, finally!!!!!

I finally got some time to throw up some pictures that were taking oh, early July.  These are more pics from the North Mississippi Hill Country Picnic.  Cedric Burnside on drums.  He went on with Malcolm, the Juke Joint Duo, with it raining and tore the fields up.  People came out and were dancing for them.  They played two shows in Chicago with Jimmy Buffett.  Those are huge crowds for them and great new exposure.  
Dwayne Burnside came up on stage for David Kimbrough Juniors' set. 

Happy Fifth of July. 
"This is my brother right here, Dwayne Burnside and I'm David Kimbrough Junior"  He told the crowd that, oh at least 7 times.  
Alvin Youngblood Hart

AYB again. 

Monday, July 21, 2008


I've been running ragged the past few weeks, and running on fumes at this point.  Haven't been able to add any photos, not cause I don't have any but because I don't have the time.  I don't have internet at my place so that knocks it down to during the day, but I'm out there as much as I can be with the groups. So that means something gets pushed to the background.  So at the present time it has become this.  So sorry but I'll get here soon enough.  I hope.