Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sneak Peak | Villa Wedding | West Chicago

Brazil #2

I forgot to add the other day that we are staying with Angelica's Aunt and Uncle in Vilanhos, which is a a suburb of Campinas, which is a suburb of Sao Paulo. Wow suburbs having surburbs. Wild! Well here's the first few days and in color.

Brad and Francesco cracking nuts for tea.

Mmmmm Pasties!!

One night I thought let's see if we can find some live local Brazilian music. So we came to this bar/club with live music. They were on break when we first got there, so we got some drinks and sat down. Shortly three men got on stage and started playing, Hotel California, Beatles, Tina Turner, anything BUT Brazilian music. So Angelica wrote on a napkin, that I came all this way from America and didn't want to this crap, I wanted to hear Brazilian music, or something nicer than that. After that we were serenaded by everyone in the bar signing along, with Pitbull videos on the screen behind them.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Jen & Chris | Engagement Session | Naperville, IL

I met Jen back in September/October. She got my name from a mutual friend she works with. They decided on Naperville, and Chili's where they first met, while working there. It was cold but we had a good time. Now can't wait for the wedding.

Brazil #1

In November, I spent two weeks in Brazil for my friend Brad's wedding. Angelica has friends and family in the Sao Paulo area. Brazil is HUGE. Sao Paulo is HUGE, 11 million population.
I'll be posting a lot of the trip over the several days. So come back and come often to see updates from Brasilia.

This first installment, is from the first few days in and around Campinas and Vilanhos, suburbs of Sao Paulo and black and white.